String Theory

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String Theory

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Offering ensembles of varying sizes and sounds, the String Theory combines exquisite musicianship. Unlike the typical classical ensembles, String Theory is a trend-setting group that is capable of performing a variety of popular music from acts such as The Beatles, U2, Coldplay, etc. Ensembles can be configured in accordance with your needs and budget and encompass configurations the following String Theory Quartet, the String Theory Trio or Duo, as well as the String Theory Piano and String Ensemble. Additionally we have a range of solo performers from harp, Celtic harp and strings, classical guitar, flute, violin and even accordion. Our ensemble leader will work with you to assemble the optimal choice of instrumentation best suited for your affair. These artists are perfect for your wedding, reception, and cocktail functions for either private or corporate clients. Because we staff these groups with such talent, you’ll find them capable of covering a wide variety of material supporting the needs of a traditional Jewish, Christian, Catholic or non-denominational/non-traditional ceremony or reception. Please view the video featuring the ensemble in various configurations – enjoy!

String Theory features some of the finest musicians in the Washington and Baltimore area. Their varied backgrounds include chamber musicians from The Baltimore Symphony, The Baltimore Opera, The United States Marine String Orchestra, The Kennedy Center Orchestra, The Washington Concert Opera, Concert Artists of Baltimore, The Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, The National Gallery Orchestra, and Pro Music Rara and many other notable ensembles.

The String Theory String Quartet

The String Theory Quartet is typically composed of two violins, viola and cello and provides a rich string sound ideal for a wedding in a large venue, cathedral, synagogue, or ballroom. The repertoire of the Quartet runs from classic Broadway and movie themes through rock and roll up to today’s contemporary recording artists. Their music is best suited for easy listening and background at a reception as opposed to dancing. Solo trumpet can be added to the ensemble for brilliance during the processional and recessional of a wedding ceremony.

The String Theory Trio

This stationary ensemble is comprised of violin, viola and cello or two violins and cello. A flute can be added supplementing the rich warm sound of the trio with lightness, making it perfect for a garden wedding or non-traditional reception. This group is balances budget and is best suited to present rock covers through today’s contemporary music.

The String Theory Piano and Strings Ensemble

This stationary ensemble is our most versatile group. The instrumentation consists of piano, two violins and bass. This ensemble can expand its’ numbers to match a larger venue and provides an even more luxurious sound. With its contemporary repertoire, the piano and strings ensemble can also provide dance selections – perfect for your Wedding Reception!
String Theory Demo


  1. L. Nees, Wedding

    They were everything advertised and more. Really a great quartet. having them at the rehearsal was very helpful for all.

  2. S. Gove, Wedding

    Excellent group of musicians. I received many compliments about them and think they added a very special touch to my ceremony and cocktail hour.

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