DC Synergy

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DC Synergy

DC SYNERGY features young, hip and energetic entertainers who perform the latest songs on the charts along with the best dance tunes from the past 40 years. Featuring 7 to 10 pieces (one male and two female vocalists, guitar, drums and keyboards, trumpet and saxophone), the band can even provide a DJ service for every event so that all song requests are honored. Optional percussionist and additional singers and horns are available as well. If you are planning a party and you need continuous music that is perfect for everyone, DC Synergy may be just the perfect band.
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  1. Review from Pro Event Planner

    From: Alison Roth Golt
    Date: Mon, Sep 17, 2018
    Subject: DC Synergy was awesome!

    They were fantastic. I love working with Jarreau, he made it so easy. Look forward to working with them again!

    Alison Golt
    Cherry Blossom Events

  2. Weddingwire Review April 2018

    DC Synergy was incredible! They kept the party going and everyone wanted to get their cards. They were extremely courteous, professional and flexible. The music was great, and Jarreau was a great band leader!

  3. Corporate Holiday Party

    From: info@entertainmentexchange Contract #: CON30014
    Subject: Client Survey Form for DC Synergy

    Client Survey Form

    Contract Number : CON30014
    Artist Hired : DC Synergy
    Date Of Event : 12/01/17

    Rate the Artist:
    Overall Performance : Excellent
    Sound Level/Volume : Fair
    Song Selection : Excellent
    Appearance : Excellent
    Personality : Excellent
    Cooperativeness : Excellent

    Rate the Agency:
    Was the Agency cooperative? Yes
    Would you hire again? Yes
    May we use you as a reference? Yes

    What is the date of your next event? mm/dd/yy

    Comments/Suggestions :

    (Client response to agent thank you- Hi Peter,

    Thank you for following up. I just completed the survey. We’ll definitely be contacting you soon for our 2018 party.

    Thank you,

    Melissa R) DCS in 8 pieces including drums, keys, guitar, sax, trumpet one male and two female vocalists.


    Wonderful experience! They traveled to Richmond October 21, 2107 for our wedding at the VMFA and did a fantastic job! I wish the party could have lasted longer. They kept us on the dance floor pretty much the entire time! Highly recommend this band! We had one male and two female singers and added two horns to their base band – worth every penny!
    Emily and David Lanning, Richmond, VA

  5. Chris and Nina's wedding

    > From: info@entertainmentexchange Contract #29673
    > Subject: Client Survey Form for DC Synergy
    > Client Survey Form
    > Contract Number :
    > Artist Hired : DC Synergy
    > Date Of Event : 09/09/17
    > Rate the Artist:
    > Overall Performance : Excellent
    > Sound Level/Volume : Excellent
    > Song Selection : Excellent
    > Appearance : Excellent
    > Personality : Excellent
    > Cooperativeness : Excellent
    > Rate the Agency:
    > Was the Agency cooperative? Yes
    > Would you hire again? Yes
    > May we use you as a reference? Yes
    > Comments/Suggestions : We loved this band. DC Synergy was absolutely amazing – the performers were lively, engaged, and present. They made the event feel personal and every guest had an incredible time. We’re so grateful.

  6. Wedding Planner Review

    Thanks to DC Synergy for making Saturday so special for Taylor and Ian. It was a stunning evening and I can’t wait to see the photos and video. The family and guests were raving all evening. Look forward to working with you again very soon.

  7. Weddingwire Review

    DC Synergy played at our wedding and they kept the dance floor full the entire party! All night, guests told us how much they liked the band. We needed the band to play popular music from today and traditional Jewish music for our hora and Mizinke and they did both beautifully. They also learned three new songs for us and all three were great. The best part was how affordable DC Synergy was to book. We looked at other bands that were twice their cost. We really felt like we got our money’s worth. I would definitely recommend DC Synergy for any important event!

  8. Karen - Wedding

    DC Synergy was amazing! We were searching bands in Washington DC and this one stood out in the videos, and on our wedding day they did not disappoint! They were in touch with us well before our event date to talk to us about our wedding celebration timeline and what music we wanted to hear. When I told them that I wanted my brothers to play the first dance song, they were not only accommodating but also really supportive. Ariel, the bandleader, took the time to do a conference call with them so that everyone felt comfortable. Also I don’t know if they always do this, or if they were just reading the crowd, but they ended our party with “Don’t Stop Believing” and we were all dancing and singing and smiling. Great way to end on a super high note. There has to be a kind of magic happening on your wedding day, and the band is the biggest part of that magic. DC Synergy was amazing- and if you are thinking about whether or not to go with horns- GO WITH HORNS!

  9. Wedding Reception

    Hi Pat. We really enjoyed DC Synergy. Please tell LaKeyia and Cory that we are getting lots of kudos for the great music. I think Cory’s piano playing was a great spontaneous component of the entertainment. You all have great voices and are accomplished musicians. Thanks so much. We’ll be sure to tell our friends our friends about DC Synergy.

  10. Wedding Reception

    DC Synergy brought it ALL to our wedding this October. As in: pitch-perfect vocals from Cory and Pat and Lekeyia (her pipes don’t lie!); Tight and funky drums and keys; and adding the 2 amazing craftsmen on horns was the wisest decision of all (and what a deal!). The energy was throttling all night with our focus on the latest jams. Equally importantly, they nailed the ballads and even learned Ain’t No Mountain High Enough on a week’s notice and sung it with enough power and precision to make DC’s native son Marvin Gaye proud. The compliments were flying in the whole night from party people from a wide range of ages. The people were saying, “By far, one of the best wedding bands we’ve seen.

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