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For a memorable dance party, Entertainment Exchange Dance DJs build the momentum and keep the party going strong. Our talent can keep it fresh, keep it exciting, and keep it going until the wee hours of the morning. Entertainment Exchange delivers the best value so let’s get together, get creative and have some fun. The opportunities are endless!

Great Dance DJs and MCs are only a start of the entertainment for your party. Please speak with one of our agents to uncover more ways on how to make your event the one to remember.

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DJ Zack

 (1)
HI I'm DJ Zack, I'm a guy who has a day job but love music. Having ...

DJ Frank

 (2)
What you don’t know about Frank is that he comes from a ...

DJ Andrey

 (3)
DJ Andrey, has been a DJ in Washington DC area for over 10 years, ...

DJ Paul

 (11)
My name is DJ Paul. Music is my career. It’s how I support my ...

DJ Dario

 (10)
Dario has entertained brides and their husbands at more than 200 ...

DJ Cuban

 (3)
Michael Cruz also known as DJ Cuban is one of Maryland’s hidden ...

DJ Adam

 (14)
Music is a catalyst for emotions, a marker of time, and an entity ...

DJ Michael

 (24)
Michael is a veteran & a professional with over 25 years of ...

DJ Jimmy

 (2)
Jimmy started his entertainment career as a keyboard player, singer ...

DJ Karim

 (6)
Since 2000 DJ Karim has been delighting clients in the mid-atlantic ...

DJ Brandon

 (15)
For more than ten years I have been entertaining crowds of all ...