Band or DJ? Now You Don’t Have To Choose

Clients who once had to choose between a band and DJ can now have the best of both worlds. Entertainment Exchange has merged band and DJ technology into small combos. Our Digital Bands feature experienced singers, performers, and band leaders who have formed bands for clients who require smaller groups priced lower than our traditional bands. Digital Band leaders are both DJs and performers who can break out of the band mode when songs not on the band’s playlist are requested. So if you want a small dance band for your event or can’t choose between and band and a DJ, a Digital Band is the perfect solution.

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DC Synergy

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DC SYNERGY features young, hip and energetic entertainers who ...


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KEYNOTE is a professionally managed and produced music group that ...
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Some people want a band to play for their event for their live ...

PRP - Pat Richitt Project

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Pat Richitt Project (PRP) is the first all digital band that ...


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KGB is a digital band that answers the question “should I get a ...