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You’ve probably noticed by now that we don’t have endless pictures of our talent (DJs, MCs, Dancers, etc.) on this page.  That’s because we don’t recommend talent just because they’re open on the calendar. Rather, we recommend only the talent that makes sense for your event based on information that only a personalized conversation with you can provide.  Our entertainment producers utilize this trendsetting approach that allows for complete personalization. This level of commitment is a given when working with one of the top DJ music services in the industry.

What are the basics of our approach? We work with you, your planner and vendors well in advance to create a proper flow evoking the right emotions at the right time for the right reason dictated by your vision and goals.  With proper planning and production, people will remember your event and talk about it for years to come.

We understand the “psychology of the guest” and its impact on planning any event. This involves understanding how people perceive what’s happening around them at any given moment — it’s not about the music, food, decor, photo or video, but how these elements all come together to make sense as an integrated experience.

Why is Entertainment Exchange the best investment you’ll make? People trust us with the most important events of their lives. This is a big responsibility that we take very seriously. And, because of our trendsetting approach, we help maximize the investment you’ve made with your other vendors as well. By communicating in real time with your vendors and planner, your meals will be hot when you’re seated for dinner and your photographer will capture all the emotions from the right time at the right angles so your cherished memories will live on forever. These are just a few examples of how we can help you get the most out of your investment.

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DJ Zack

 (1)
HI I'm DJ Zack, I'm a guy who has a day job but love music. Having ...

DJ Frank

 (2)
What you don’t know about Frank is that he comes from a ...

DJ Andrey

 (3)
DJ Andrey, has been a DJ in Washington DC area for over 10 years, ...

DJ Paul

 (11)
My name is DJ Paul. Music is my career. It’s how I support my ...

DJ Dario

 (10)
Dario has entertained brides and their husbands at more than 200 ...

DJ Cuban

 (3)
Michael Cruz also known as DJ Cuban is one of Maryland’s hidden ...

DJ Adam

 (14)
Music is a catalyst for emotions, a marker of time, and an entity ...

DJ Michael

 (24)
Michael is a veteran & a professional with over 25 years of ...

DJ Jimmy

 (2)
Jimmy started his entertainment career as a keyboard player, singer ...

DJ Karim

 (6)
Since 2000 DJ Karim has been delighting clients in the mid-atlantic ...

DJ Drew

 (4)
My name is DJ Drew. I've been DJ'ing since I was 16 years old and ...

DJ Brandon

 (15)
For more than ten years I have been entertaining crowds of all ...