DJ Paul
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DJ Paul

My name is DJ Paul. Music is my career. It’s how I support my family. I began as a dance instructor. At the school one evening the disc jockey failed to show and the manager had me cover. That one event changed my life as I found, like dancing, I had a natural affinity in selecting the right music and projecting myself in a fashion that clicked with my audience.

My music library extends back to the 1920's and covers nearly every genre and all the current top the vinyl era. I maintain over 50,000 titles covering all eras and genres of music on CD and in downloaded format. I have an extensive collection of international music to draw upon as well. So, from Glen Miller to Beyonce — I have it all. I am always upgrading my equipment and only use the top-of-the-line brands such as JBL, Pioneer and QSC. I never go to a job without a complete back up system. I have a mobile lighting system with which I can change the atmosphere of the venue holding your event.

I have a simple philosophy — I provide what my clients want, not what I think they want. I believe that music is the most important part of every event. My objective is to have you and your guests will remember is how much fun they had dancing the night away. To ensure that it starts early the day of your affair. I usually am the first to arrive and one of the last to leave. I will assist you in any way I can to plan the date. The reviews you read are the result of delivering exceptional coordination, non stop fun and personalized, quality entertainment at every event. Simply stated, we treat every function as it were the event of the year.

I have performed at approximately 7000 events over the span of my career and I would love to add your event to that collection.


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