Emme & Her Gentlemen
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Emme & Her Gentlemen

As a young girl in southwest Virginia, Emmie spent countless hours singing and playing jazz standards at her parents’ piano while dreaming of one day becoming a jazz singer herself. Today she is backed by top jazz musicians and her dream of being a jazz vocalist is a reality. Combining classical training with the influences of Julie London and Peggy Lee, Emmie uses her velvet voice to create the sophisticated atmosphere of yesterday’s intimate cabarets.

For over a decade, Emmie & Her Gentlemen have toured from New Orleans to New England, including regional favorites such as The Homestead, The Greenbrier, The Martha Washington Hotel, The Jefferson Hotel, and Keswick Hall. With the flexibility of performing as a duo up to a sextet, Emmie & Her Gentlemen can accommodate the needs of their discerning clients and create the sophisticated mood they desire. Experience the elegance, the glamour, the artistry of a singer that invites you to light the candles, pour the cocktails and relax to the sultry sounds of days gone by.


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